Message from the Program Director

The BBA Philosophy

A bachelor of Business Administration degree prepares you for an entry level position in business and industry. A bachelor of Business Degree teaches students management, marketing accounting, mathematical statistics and business law. The degree allows students to enter the business world as educated workers and provides them with an opportunity to explore possible areas of specialization. A BBA degree is essential for advancement in business. Successful completion of a degree ensures that the graduate understands the relationship among marketing, quantitative analysis, accounting, economics, and human resources.

Why a BBA Degree?

Why do you need a BBA degree compared to a bachelor degree in any other discipline? The answer to this question is very simple. There has been a tremendous growth in industry and commerce. The world has become a global village and the industrial world is no longer confined to a club of rich countries. With the emergence of BRIC countries the center of gravity of the world is moving away from the Old West. Millions of people have risen over the poverty line. Consumption level of the newly developed world is extremely high and we need business people to cater to their growing needs. The business world not only needs good managers it also needs skilled business workers. A business degree will help you with a solid foundation to establish your career. A BBA degree ensures that you have professionally relevant skills that would help you perform your job in a better manner.

Why a BBA Degree from IBA?

Our BBA program comprises of four years of rigorous education enabling the student to have a broad view of the world. The students go through an academic program that not only emphasizes the essentials of business subjects; it introduces them to the basic concepts of social sciences and liberal arts. In their freshman and sophomore years, students study subjects such as history, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and logic and media study. Students have an option to choose from a group of social science and liberal arts courses. Additionally, students are also required to choose among three foreign languages. They have a choice to choose among, Arabic, Chinese and French. Students go through two semesters of training in the language of their choice. IBA is now introducing a study of culture and history to go with the language of their choice. For example, if they choose French, they will be introduced to the history and culture of France and Francophone Africa. This will add to the marketability of our BBA graduates.

Subsequent to an audit of our BBA program, the course structure has been modified to introduce a group of electives as majors. In the past, students only had the choice to specialize in either Marketing or Finance. With our new BBA program, students can choose among a host of electives to major in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, and MIS. With the passage of time, we will extend this list in response to the demands of the market.

While conducting the audit of our BBA program, we received feedback from our own alumni, human resource representatives of major corporations and some of the chief executives of the companies. They pointed out the lack of experiential knowledge on the part of our BBA graduates. In response to their requests, we have now included experiential knowledge as part of the program. Students will undergo a six months on-the-job training in the real business environment. They will spend their last semester of their eight semester BBA program working in a business of their choice. Our Career Development Center will work with the students to find them a place with a business. This will not only allow them to network with their future employers, it will also introduce them to the challenges of the real business world.

Aman U.Saiyed
Assistant Professor