Unique Features of our BBA Program

While conducting the audit of our BBA program, we received feedback from our own alumni, human resource representatives of major corporations and some of the chief executives of the companies. They pointed out the lack of experiential knowledge on the part of our BBA graduates. In response to their requests, we have now included experiential knowledge as part of the program. Students will undergo a six months on-the-job training in the real business environment. They will spend their last semester of their eight-semester BBA program working in a business of their choice. Our Career Development Center will work with the students to find them a place with a business. This not only allows them to network with their future employers, it will also introduce them to the challenges of the real business world.

As part of preparing potential future business leaders, IBA has introduced seminars on personal effectiveness. These mandatory seminars are  offered in the eighth semester when students are interviewing for jobs with the recruiters. The personal effectiveness seminars develop the skills needed to become more effective leaders in organizations, in particular, and life in general.   The seminars identify five roles of a leader: influencing people, supervising work, communicating effectively, coaching and managing through conflicts.   Students learn  to  excel  in  these  roles  and  are given tools to equip themselves through various workshops during the personal effectiveness program.  These seminars are taught by well-known practitioners from the business and academic world. Some of the topics covered by these seminars are negotiating skills, creative thinking, leadership, social media networking. The interaction with different instructors and the learning through their diverse experiences develops skills and knowledge that are beyond the conceptual education of the text. What they take with them  is  a  combination  of  theory  with an   understanding  of   application   and solutions.

IBA has recently added a new program to help students develop their personal and psychological profile to meet the changing needs of business. This program consists of faculty advisement, counseling, and development coaching. Faculty advising confidence and will have no reporting relationship with any one on these matters. The Faculty Advisers can also refer such cases to him/her in strict confidence but there will be no further communication with them on this subject.

Developmental  coaching   is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with confidential, developmental feedback in order to enhance their overall leadership, teamwork, and  interpersonal skills. Coaches and students participate in a day-long session during which teams of students discuss their solutions to various business cases, and are observed in a team setting.  The aim is to increase students' self-awareness, to guide them to reflect on their behavior, and to help in their personal and professional development. It is mandatory for all students to participate in the above activity once a year.