Undergraduate Program

The BBA program comprises of four years of rigorous education which allows the student to have a broader view of the world. Students go through an academic program that not only emphasizes the essentials of business subjects, but also introduces them to the basic concepts of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts. In their freshman and sophomore years, students study subjects such as History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Logic, Psychology and Media Studies. Additionally, students are required to undergo training in a foreign language and can choose among four languages: Arabic, Chinese, French and German. All BBA students are required to enroll for Personal Effectiveness, a non-credit course which builds and enhances the soft skills. Students now have option to specialize in Marketing, Finance, Management Information Systems (MIS), Human Resource Management (HRM), Entrepreneurship. Based on the feedback from the alumni and human resource representatives of major corporations, the IBA has included the aspect of experiential knowledge into the curriculum of BBA program. Students now undergo a six month long, on-the-job training in the real business environment. This not only allows them to network with their future employers, but it also introduces them to the challenges of the real business world.